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 Cat must be inoculated against "Feline Enteritis" and "Cat Flu". Inoculation certificate must be issued in the last twelve months and shown on the day of boarding. The initial vaccination injection must be not less than 14 days, and booster injection not less than 3 days prior to boarding

New Charges for year 2020 (per/day)

Single Cat         £ 10.00

2 cats Sharing   £16.00

 3 Cats Sharing   £22.50

Booking and viewing only by appointment 

* A non-refundable deposit of 25% of total boarding fee. (min. of £10.00 / round up the nearest £5) must be paid. No deposit received within 7 days of provisional booking the booking will be cancelled.

* Balance should be settled before checking in (change made due to COVID-19) 
* We regret that cancellations less than 7 days prior to your cats stay, otherwise full payment must be paid.
* Reducing days of stay less than 7days notice before boarding your cats will require full payment.      
* If you are collecting your cats before 8:00am will be no charge on that day, only arranged in advance with booking.
* No cat will be accepted without up to date Flea (*prescription strength) and worming treatment.
Veterinary vaccination record must be seen, not protective titre test accepted.

* We only take booking on Six Months in advances.
* Accept major debit / credit cards payment (Worldpay: Pay by Link services)

Booking Form

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​Please contact us first to check availability on your booking date, to avoid disapointment.

Attention and care

Indoor cattery Safe and homely environment for your cat's comfort

We provide personal loving care and attention with regular strolling, playing and talking to just like he/she would get at home, also have music playing all day.

Whilst every care and precaution is taken with every cat boarded at Arc Lodge Cattery, the proprietor cannot be held responsible for any illness, disease or death that may occur during boarding.  

We reserve the right to vary these Term and Conditions periodically upon giving you reasonable notice in writing.

​We reserve the right to use clients cats for advertising purposes.


Indoor cattery Safe and homely environment for your cat's comfort

You are most welcome to bring any toys that you wish, although if you forget we do have a selection for use in each unit.

Term & Conditions

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​We reserve the right to refuse to board your cat if you are unable to comply with the above requests.
​ (In accordance with the local authority licensing laws)

The Animal Welfare Licenced 

No.  19/08143/AL00


Indoor cattery Safe and homely environment for your cat's comfort

Bedding is provided although you can bring along any bedding you wish, this is good idea as it has familiar smell from home and helps to settle your pet quickly, although a towel will do the same job. 

Brushing & Grooming

Indoor cattery Safe and homely environment for your cat's comfort

We offer basic grooming for our boarders,  which will be carried out as necessary and it is appreciated if owners can bring their own grooming equipment for their cat.

* However, all belongings are left at the owners risk.  Any items left unclaimed by owners after a month will be disposed of.​​


Indoor cattery Safe and homely environment for your cat's comfort

We stock all major brands of wet and dry food. 

Arc Lodge Cattery will endeavours to feed as instructed by the owner. However alternative diets / brands may be fed if the cat cannot eat it's usual diet.  The veterinary prescription diets must be provided by owners.

Meals are provided twice-daily, more often if requested. 

There is no need to bring water or food dishes as these are provided by us.